East Harlem

Elementary School

A message from your Principal

DREAM Families,

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2021-2022 School year. We know that last year we saw some of you behind a screen, some of you in person. This year we are excited to see you all in person. When we think about our school year, Renee and I think about all of the tangible and intangible materials we are using to create a loving and accepting space for all of your scholars. We are reminded of something by Malala Yousef (a brave young girl) who said "one child, one teacher, one pen, one book can change the world," and we believe that with your guidance and high expectations, coupled with your partnership we can create and cultivate future change makers who will transform our community and our world. At DREAM we hold our maxims close to us and help guide our approach to school and to life. Join us this year in internalizing our maxims:

  • DREAM is Family

  • All Kids Can this Kid Can

  • Fail Persit Exceed

  • Fun is a Serious Value

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Dream Big.

We can't wait to begin this journey together! We can't wait to play, learn and most importantly grow together! Thank you for your commitment to your scholars education and thank you for choosing DREAM East Harlem Elementary School.

In partnership,

Ozzy Ramirez (Interim Principal) & Renee Canales (Principal)

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first grade

  • Comets:

  1. Elaine Proscia - eproscia@wearedream.org

  2. Melissa Goldsmith - mgoldsmith@wearedream.org

  • Stars:

  1. Marshall Metcalf - mmetcalf@wearedream.org

  2. Ronaldo Rivas - rrivas@wearedream.org

  • Cometas:

  1. Elaine Proscia - eproscia@wearedream.org

  2. Melissa Goldsmith - mgoldsmith@wearedream.org

second grade

third grade

fourth grade

fifth grade

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2021-2022 Family Handbook

PK & K-12 School and Family Contracts_21-22.pdf

2021-2022 Family Contracts

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