Reopening Plan & Policies

our guiding principles

We’re approaching this year with three core principles. These principles will guide all decisions we make.

  • DREAM will provide youth with opportunities to play, learn, and grow. We will maintain fidelity to the Grow the Whole Child model and continue to invest in SEL, mental health, athletics, health, & wellness, and family engagement.

  • Our mission is to level the field by empowering all children to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. DREAM will provide a rigorous and critically conscious academic program that ensures youth are college and career ready.

  • DREAM will work boldly and aggressively to continue to mitigate risk and counteract the impact of the pandemic on our youth and families.

As circumstances continue to evolve, our policies and practices will change if it means keeping you and our community safe. Read on for more details about how we’ll return to school while keeping each other safe and healthy.

Health & Safety Documents

Family Facing Policies & Protocol.pdf

School Policies & Protocols

SY 2021-2022

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Frequently asked questions

SY 2021-22

Travel policy

Asymptomatic travelers entering New York from another country, U.S. state, or territory are no longer required to test-out or quarantine. It is recommended, but not required, that fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who have not recovered from COVID-19 in the past 3 months get tested 3-5 days after arrival in New York from international travel or domestic travel.

As a result of this policy change, DREAM students traveling internationally no longer need to inform us of their travel plans prior to travel—you will also notice that the travel question is no longer on the daily wellness check. Still, we ask that we all remain vigilant in the practices set forth by DREAM, the CDC, and other authorities to maintain a healthy community, during travel or otherwise.

Close contact policy

We are updating our close contact policy as follows to align with the CDC and NY State Department of Health:

Per CDC guidance, people who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 are no longer required to quarantine if they have been fully vaccinated against the disease and show no symptoms. This applies to everyone who was fully vaccinated this year (where it previously applied to those who were within 90 days after full vaccination).

Fully vaccinated staff do not need to quarantine or test out if they are in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. They should get a PCR test 3-5 days out from the day of exposure, but do not need to quarantine in the meantime.

If your child has previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has since recovered, they do not need to quarantine or test out if they come into close contact with a confirmed case if they meet these guidelines:

  • They are within 3 months after the date of symptom onset from the initial COVID infection or date of first positive diagnostic test if asymptomatic during illness

  • You notify the Director of Operations about their recent COVID-19 diagnosis

  • They are symptom-free

If your child doesn’t meet all the criteria above and has been exposed to COVID-19, our policy remains as follows:

  • They need to quarantine for 10 days. OR

  • They can test out after 7 days if they receive a negative PCR COVID test result from a test done at least 5 days after beginning quarantine.