Reopening Plan

The following resources overview our health and safety policies and aim to address questions you may have during this time. As circumstances continue to evolve, our policies and practices will change if it means keeping you and our community safe.

spring in-person learning update

From the April 8 email to all DREAM Families:

As we head into the last quarter of the school year, we’re writing to share some important developments for in-person learning at DREAM.

We're excited to announce that in Q4, hybrid students in grades 3-8 will attend in person four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), up from two days a week. It’s important to note that our 1991 2nd Avenue school building has always had enough classroom space to accommodate students in grades 3-8 four days a week, but we made the decision to launch our in-person program in October with two days a week for grades 3-8 to ensure we were able to safely implement new schoolwide routines and procedures. Now that we have practiced these routines for six months, we are confident we can run our school safely with more students in the building on a daily basis.

As a result of the change above, there is not an option for families of students in grades 3-8 to send their child in-person two days a week. All hybrid students in grades 3-8 will come to school in-person four days a week starting on Monday, May 10th.

During Q3 conferences, your child's teacher/advisor will ask you to choose whether you would like your child to be 100% remote or hybrid/in-person for Quarter 4, which begins on May 10th. Let them know your decision and they will submit a Q4 learning preference form on your behalf; otherwise you have until Wednesday, April 14 to submit the Q4 learning preference form yourself. If we do not receive a Q4 learning preference form for your child, DREAM will continue with your Q3 learning preference choice (keeping in mind that hybrid in Q4 means in-person four days a week). As a reminder, families who choose hybrid/in-person can choose to switch to remote for the remainder of Q4 at any time.

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